The Fundamentals of Leadership Still Haven’t Changed.
I really liked this Harvard Business Review article and thought it was worth sharing.
In the article Ron Ashkenas & Brook Manville outline how the “Fundamentals of Leadership” have not changedLeadership is still about mobilizing people in an organization around common goals to achieve impact at scale.

Their conclusion from research and from their own years of experience as leadership and organizational advisers was, that the best leaders with the most outsize impact almost always deploy these six classic fundamental practices:

What is interesting is that WorkCompass helps in all 6 practices but is front and center in 1& 4.

Six classic, fundamental practices:
1. uniting people around an exciting, aspirational vision;
2. building a strategy for achieving the vision by making choices about what to do and what not to do;
3. attracting and developing the best possible talent to implement the strategy;
4. relentlessly focusing on results in the context of the strategy;
5. creating ongoing innovation that will help reinvent the vision and strategy; and
6. “leading yourself”: knowing and growing yourself so that you can most effectively lead others and carry out these practices.
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