Performance Reviews to Performance Coaching in one easy step
Unlock employee potential with our virtual coaching assistant
Unlock employee potential with our virtual coaching assistant
Cultivate mental health and wellness with coaching feedback
Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2022 Finalist

Reduce Work Load

Eliminate Paperwork. Make it easy to Collaborate.

Implement quickly and easily

94% user adoption in on average 13 weeks.

Drive Conversations

On-going check-ins not just annual reviews.

Predictive Analytics

Spot small issues before they become big ones.

Virtual Coaching Assistance

Award Winning Artificial Intelligence.


Why choose WorkCompass?
Goals + commitment = dreams come true.
Help staff set high quality goals so their blood, sweat and tears count.
Most performance management processes fail at their core mission: To improve performance. Coaching changes that. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence helps managers coach for future performance and not just judge the past.
Use our engagement survey to find out how your employees are feeling and discover what is frustrating them. Use our feedback survey to get feedback on staff from those that know them best.
Make Performance Management about the conversations and not the form. Help managers and staff have on-going check ins about performance and development. Capture them instantly.
Our award winning visual analytics allow you spot trends real time. They help HR manage talent strategically and play their vital role as Business Partners.
Painless setup and Ongoing support leaving you to focus on what matters: Talent, not forms.
WorkCompass will share data and manage log-ins with your other software solutions.

Ready to get started?

Find out how quick and easy it is to roll out performance management in your organisation.

Our clients

What they say about us
We used manual forms for performance management, it was a nightmare, everyone hated it, most the time the forms were never filled in. Now doing a plan or review takes minutes, I know who has done it and its all in one place.

Claire H.

HR Manager

It is extremely easy to use and has transformed our PDP process. Moving from an internally built system to WorkCompass was seamless and well received by staff. Having the ease to access the system anywhere has enable us to review ‘live’ performance information.

Anthony B.

HR Systems & Management Information Partner

HR now understand things like performance trends and development needs. Managers and their direct reports are having regular conversations about performance now. Before it was twice a year are very best.

Patrick H.


Eliminates paperwork, encourages interaction between management and staff, puts a structure in place which is visible at all times. Compared to other systems I found the price competitive and the software much easier to view and use. The WorkCompass staff have been very supportive regarding any queries or issues raised before and after implementation and are quick to respond.

Treasa M.

HR Manager

WorkCompass is a very intuitive, easily customized program and it is very good value for the cost. The program allows you to individualize performance evaluations to provide for a more meaningful process. The goal setting is a valuable feature and if used correctly, it can increase productivity and ensure your employees keep their focus where necessary.

Irene W.

Senior Director, Human Resources

Implementation was fast and was helped by great customer support. Denis and the team really did go above and beyond my expectations. Feedback from our employees has been great, we used to do this on paper so it has sped up the process for everyone. Great reporting capabilities as well. Being able to map our employee's performance and potential has been a really useful feature for us.

Graham C.


For me, the simplest thing is the conversations that are being facilitated in both directions (from team to manager and vice versa). It's one of those "I wish we had known about this years ago" things that embeds into the organisation. Very easy to use, so uptake is fast. Excellent Support. People now see value in the performance process - More conversations and note taking - Simple data reports to help make decisions. Very happy.

Donal M.

Sales Manager

A far more professional approach to professional development. Easier to track who has completed reviews. Very easy to use (no instructions needed!). Allows me to mange performance expectations for the year ahead and beyond. Exceptional customer service, very knowledgeable team, who are always available to help and support.

Callum M.

Group HR Manager

Our performance management process is working. Our team see more value in the process and I have data to see trends. Easy to use - encourages conversations and the recording of conversations - a rich flow of data to help me see performance trend so I can really manage individual and team performance. Support is top quality. Looked at other systems and Workcompass was the best.

Triona M.


That it is simple to use and gets to the important performance and development discussions quickly and easily. It's saved us considerable time at performance reviews. The Insights function gives us great visibility enabling us to take a proactive and positive approach to performance management. The managers and employees love it!

Louise P.

People and Culture Manager

Automated and easy! The best part of WorkCompass is the way that it automates alerts in relation to the milestones that you set. It has an easy to use interface and is very reliable. Once you have mastered the basics it is very intuitive.

Clare P.

Sustainable Travel Manager

Overall a good product that gives employees the ability to manage their own shifts. The ease of use and access from anywhere, that i don't need to assign a team member to manage employees time off or shift swaps.

Colin Y.

IT Service Operations Manager

My experience using the software is very positive. I find it easy to use. I am able to see my records from period of employment till present. I am able to view my achievements and recommendations from supervisors or line managers. Ease of use, reminders to enter details before deadlines. Achive of past records and growth within organisation with displays of recognized skillset and room for improvement.

Ola O.

Software Tester

A great improvement on the previous system that was based in word. I am a line manager for 4 people. Internet based, helpful reminders when a task has to be done, ability to attach supporting documents

David A.

CI Manager

WorkCompass has allowed us to run our performance reviews in a fraction of the time that it used to. It helps our managers have more regular performance conversations with their employees. I can see how important goals are progressing and what goals off track. Support from their team has been brilliant.

Michael H.

Managing Director

We've used WorkCompass for our employees reviews for the last few years, it's been very helpful! The way it guides me to have effective employee reviews and the customer services was quick and on the spot when I needed it.

Naomi F.


Very good. We now have a simple process that works. Process is working and significantly more efficient than before. Conversations are happening! We real-time reports and data for managers and HR data Support is top class - Very happy!

Tom F.


WorkCompass is easy to use and very useful for tracking work targets and goals. It is easy to use and user friendly interface. Also, like the reminders and alerts. they are useful for tracing the goals.

Amy C.

Regulatory compliance specialist

WorkCompass is extremely easy to use and has opened the lines of communication. It's user friendly. It has opened the lines of communication for employees and managers. Their one on one's are more productive and less likely to forget issues or praises.

Susan Y.

HR Generalist


Increase in adoption rate - In 3 months


Increase in goals achieved - In 6 months


Increase in staff engagement - In 9 months

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