Hire The Hustle

Hire The Hustle


Not every employee can be the smartest, fastest, most capable, heroic, or talented hire.

We really wish this was the case, but in reality, you need someone who is great in their field and a good hustler to make up for lack of qualities they possess.

Having someone on your team who really tries their best to get the job done, and do what it takes to make it top notch, will help you make up for weak areas. You can do without the extreme smarts, speed, capability, acts of saving, and even talent—but you can’t do without a good dose of hustle and motivation.

Why do we think it’s a number one quality? Because they get stuff done. 

When we’re in the hiring process, how do you determine that the person across the table has the determination to help your team kill it on the daily?

Someone with hustle will have…


  1. Self-motivation
  2. A competitive spirit
  3. Enjoy working with people
  4. Inventive ideas
  5. Drive to see things through till the end

It seems like we think hustlers in the work place are flawless—although we do love hiring them, they come with a few warning signs to watch out for. We want to make sure you’ve got a well-rounded working knowledge of the personality of a hustler to make you aren’t hiring someone who doesn’t work well with a team, but can lead the team.

They can have…


  1. Lower attention to small details
  2. Over zealous tendencies to finish project themselves
  3. Likelihood to speak what comes to mind first

Finding someone who can help drive the team to success will really change the outcome of your overall company. Hiring hustle could be one of the best things for your team—motivation, hard work ethic, coaching, and idea machine—you need them. The downfalls are manageable and great learning lessons for each

Lesson of the day: hire the hustler, love the hustler, be the hustler.

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