Give Your Company Culture Shock

Give Your Company Culture Shock

To have a great company, you need a great company culture. If your company falls short of authenticity, it’s time for a change.  What employees crave for their 9-5 lifestyle:

Role models, work that impacts the community, purpose, the chance to be a part of a compelling story, collaboration… and it wouldn’t hurt to throw some color on the walls and get some comfortable chairs. 

All of these above-mentioned characteristics hold value. Value is the end goal—whether it’s reaching the customer, presenting a report, showing up on time or getting to know your cube buddies.

Below are three ways to incorporate values into your company to have a thrilling company culture:

Strategic values: Have a clear-cut vision for your team. Where is the company and individual focus? Align individual goals with company goals to build a team worth keeping.

Shared values: Vision. Don’t just slap it in an email or on the wall. Get creative with how you bring everyone else in on the new production. Make it personal and specific—a new culture is coming and you don’t want them to miss out.

Definitive values: Make your new culture a concrete matter. Exemplify that it is not a movement, but here to stay and be adopted by everyone.

Insuring these changes are concrete will have a defining impact and align your company and employees on the same path. Provide your team with the best tools to take them to a new level and provide a place where they can have some pride. Jump on the bandwagon now and see these changes make organizational culture enhancements.

Takeaway: Your culture and individuals determine the company’s outcomes and successes.

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