Make feedback a part of day to day working life

On-going performance check ins focus on future performance. Annual reviews just judge the past.

Ongoing Check Ins

  • Get notifications when check-ins should take place.
  • Enter and share comments and feedback quickly and easily.
  • Eliminate paper work and keep everything in one place.
  • Focus on the future don’t just judge the past.
  • Give advice now and not just criticism later.
WorkCompass ongoing check-ins
Make praise a part of your culture and recognise success as it happens with WorkCompass


  • Make praise a part of your culture.
  • Recognise success as it happens.
  • Focus on whats going well and how to improve.
  • Boost Morale.

Performance Diary / Private Notes

  • Keep a private performance diary.
  • Make sure performance conversations aren’t just about what happened last week.
  • Organize your thoughts and plan feedback before the meeting.
Performance Diary and Private Notes

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