Striving For Failure

Striving For Failure

Dealing with failure is about as glorious as Black Friday shopping. It’s a huge hassle. There’s disappointment, rage, the price is high and you come home feeling beat down. Dramatic enough? Definitely.

How we deal with failure affects everything we strive to accomplish. As children, failure didn’t phase most of us. If something didn’t work out, “oh well,” moving on to something shiny. We were not easily defeated. But as we get older, we become ashamed and ridiculed for our short comings.

To keep our minds on the end goal, here’s 4 lessons to pack in the briefcase:

1. Don’t throw away your self-worth. When disappointed, it is easy to focus on our pity party. Get off the floor! It’s time to learn from your mistakes. To be successful we have to accept that we were wrong and be willing to take two steps forward, no steps backs. There’s no reason we should let failure affect our value and purpose.

2. Be persistent. Once you get up from the floor, the real challenge comes in to play. By two o’clock the next day you will feel down in the dumps again, but that is the perfect time to kick those feelings out the door. Build resiliency and bounce back stronger than before with clearer goals and new found wisdom.

3. Remember the little people. Let’s get real. Those who support us through the ups and downs are definitely not the “little people.” Take advice from their setbacks and remember how they made it through the tough times. Failure can always be temporary if that’s what you choose.

4. Failure will make you appreciate success.  Striving to fail, is fighting to get it right. Look back at the person you were ten years ago. How are you different? What lessons have you learned from the plans, relationships or jobs that didn’t work out? Remembering how far we come makes our successful times pure sweetness.

We appreciate those things we have worked hard for the most. They are treasured memories, accomplishments and successes. Choosing to let our small failures turn us into big failures only leads to a life we were not created to live.

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