Bouncing Back From Potholes

Bouncing Back From Potholes

Everyone hits potholes in their performance and company that need to be filled and cemented in place.  You don’t see them coming, but you feel when they hit—taking out a tire here or  a hub cab there.

Fortunately, you can bounce back—you’ve got a spare tire in the back of your car that will help get you back on track.

To be a successful leader, it’s not about finding a smooth road; it’s about mastering the bumpy, difficult, and unpredictable road you are already on. You’ll never learn those hard, yet valuable lessons if you are passing by with ease and minimal issues. I think we can all think back on past situations we wished we hadn’t gone through… but come to think of it, we’re still thankful for who they made us today.

We have three focal points today that we want you to focus on when bouncing back from potholes take you by surprise in your career life:


1. Acknowledge your defeats – You’re going to fail. It may be big, or it may be no big deal, but it’s bound to happen. Acknowledging the defeat will only help create awareness of where you can better yourself… especially before someone else needs to nudge you. Make mistakes known to yourself so you can be on the lookout of where to improve.

2. Focus on the small wins – Since you know your weaknesses, you now can celebrate when you’ve overcome some bad habits or when you’ve completed something with 100% perfection. Sometimes you need to give yourself some encouragement… not everyone will be as willing to throw out a “Good job!” for when you remembered to do your Friday report… or put on the morning coffee.

3. Build your character – Let these dips in the road, or canyons for some, mold your characters. Humbly take the bull by the horns and learn from the down falls. You’d be surprised at how many people never learn from their mistakes, but you can turn it into something great and become a better person and employee day-by-day.

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