Is Your Performance Management System Failing You?

Is Your Performance Management System Failing You?

Is your performance management system failing you and letting your managers cop out of tough conversations? Take our quick quiz and have your eyes opened on who is dropping the ball:

1. There are no “does not meet” or below-average ratings: If your managers aren’t delivering some bad news, they don’t feel compelled to be candid about performance.

A. True         B. False

2. Employee pay increases are clustered around the budgeted average merit increase percent: Everyone getting 3% means rewards are being withheld from high performers to avoid tough conversations with low performers.

A. True          B. False

3. High performers are leaving your organization for better opportunities: If they can’t get feedback differentiating their performance from others and/or more than 3% increases from you, they’ll go somewhere else. That’s not good.

A. True          B. False

4. Your performance management system has no individual goal setting: Socialist countries don’t bother attempting to define individual contributions. Don’t encourage employees to be mediocre.

A. True         B. False

5. You have no employee relations issues that are related to frank and honest feedback about low performance: If you don’t have at least a few employee relations issues related to low review scores, you have a culture reinforcing that being average is OK. Is that going to help you make your revenue number?

A. True          B. false

So where do you fall? Mostly true or false? 

Is that you or your system? If so, get in touch with WorkCompass today and find out how our AI powered performance management software will revolutionize how you do performance reviews and coaching.