Stale Work Environment

Stale Work Environment


It’s easy to create a monotonous and stale work environment. Anyone can do it! Strict routine, little opportunity, no culture change…

But can you create a dynamic work environment where the people thrive, take on challenges with enthusiasm, are pleasantly surprised by leadership, or jump on opportunities for growth?

As a manager, you’ll have quite a few employees who are okay, or even would prefer, to not see change come their way—it’s uncomfortable for them and they are fine where they are. Comfort zones.

But, if we’re keeping with the times, the work place is in a constant state of change—it’s what the people want. Career change happens with extreme frequency today, and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon.

It’s time to take a look into your company’s atmosphere and see how it can improve to keep your employees happy and sticking around!

What are the main areas we need to look at to change?


  1. Office space – No one works well with white walls, how can you make the 9-5 a comfortable, inviting place to be?
  2. Company activities – How can you bring your team together outside of work?
  3. Cultural priorities – What do your employees want as a greater importance for their culture?

Meet as a team and decide upon how you can implement changes that people will welcome. Giving people the opportunity to have a say in some major decisions will show that you, the manager, care about how they feel when they walk through those doors every morning.

Keeping a fresh environment will boost your employee’s spirits, create a pleasant place to be, help company production thrive, and reduce high turnover rates.

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