Letting Apologies Slip Through The Cracks

Letting Apologies Slip Through The Cracks

“I’m right, you’re wrong.” That’s how most apologies go, right? Not in this blog—we believe you can turn your company around with learning how to give sincere apologies. Don’t know where to start? Start here:

1. Meet in person: Facial expressions will help direct the conversation.

2. Humbly start the conversation: Why did you want to meet?

3. Give a sincere apology: 100% honesty is your key tool.

4. Hand the conversation over: Let the other person talk about their side of the story.

5. Talk about the changes: What needs to be reshaped between both parties?

6. Put into action: As the manager, you implement the changes you want to see.

What makes giving an apology so difficult and stomach-turning? We have to be open, honest and vulnerable. If you don’t feel sincere about your apology—you’re not fooling anyone, and people will feel taken advantage of.

We really have to be vulnerable? YES. 

We fear being weak. We want to be seen as a solid individual with it all together. We fear that being emotionally weak will lose us respect. But if you think that putting other people before yourself is weak—you’re people skills are what is weak. If you can handle giving apologies, you can handle your crowd and be a great manager.

Humble leaders get to the top and stay at the top.

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