Divvy Up: Delegate In The Workplace

Divvy Up: Delegate In The Workplace

Everyone’s job duties have been set for years and now people are just starting to bring their overload issues to the surface? You’d think people would speak up about having too much work.

Where do we start with delegation?

Performance and personality assessments now come in to play. We know, nobody likes them, but if they are done right, there’s no stopping the progress you can make in your company. We need to know the folks we’re dealing with and how they best work. If you have an employee that is terrible with details, maybe give the data work to their neighbor that thrives on organization and accuracy. Their persona and skills may be a perfect fit for the job they are in, but hardly anyone has 100% of their strengths and 100% of the job duties matching.

Three things you can do to be a great manager:

  1. Remember, your employees can’t carry out a task effectively if it is not thought out on your part.
  2. Take time to develop their new job duties and make sure they are completely mapped out.
  3. Confirm they completely apprehend what you are asking of them and validate their commitment to the job. You don’t want to have the tasks you’ve delegated to end up back on your desk.

If you’ve hired a qualified worker, they should be able to perform the task all the way through. When wrapping up the new job responsibilities, make sure there is accountability. Not for you to micromanage, but moreover to help ensure that the transition is smooth and you’ve delegated properly. Accountability is the key to making delegation a success. When you delegate in the workplace, it’ll reduce surprises, stress, and create better progress.

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