ready for a promotion

Working just for the money and the job title doesn’t seem like a well-seasoned career opportunity. It lacks taste, lure, and can leave you in an emotionally drained state of mind—show up at work, keep your head down all day, go home, repeat.

Dare we ask, “What if you worked for more than a paycheck and a position?” “What else is there to work for?” You ask.

Passion. Purpose. Prowess.

It’s time to stop thinking about your career and begin to pursue your calling. When we say calling, we mean having something that encompasses your passion, fulfills a purpose, and gives you the prowess to pursue your dreams. It’s your career—and beyond. It’s more than a job title. So how do you make sure all three of these things are incorporated to create your calling? We want to give you some ways to make sure your work is as fulfilling and meaningful as possible:

  1. Find a job that incorporates your passion: Just because a company has your position open, doesn’t mean that they will allow you to grow the position along with yourself. Find a place that allows you to be you and to develop.
  2. Be a mentor: Whether you’re a manager or not, you can still be respected as a team member—want to learn from you and be like you. Take the extra time to pour into those around you.
  3. Never give up: There will be people and companies who don’t let you run with your ideas and keep you in a box—never let that determine what you do with your ideas. Develop them outside of work and find a good time and way to present your end product.
  4. Volunteer: You never know what could come of volunteer opportunities. They can provide great connections with like-minded people who would love to work with you full time.

It takes extra effort and energy—but you’ll never regret pushing for your passion to be your career. Not only will you love what you do, but also you’ll work hard, become more skilled because it’s your passion, and impact lives around you for the better.

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