results-driven workplace

Changing to a truly results-driven workplace is hard. We all get the concept, but when it comes to leaving early to spend time with the family, or checking Facebook for longer than we think we should, we feel guilty and decide to stay a little later and pretend to work for a little longer… we are still a bit stuck with our old thinking that time spent equals time worked.

Outside of business, in academia or the arts, for instance, there is much less expectation that one needs to be neatly glued to a chair to be productive. For some types of work, maybe it does, but certainly not knowledge work. If you have people doing stuff that isn’t knowledge work you need to ask yourself why.

Many workers are still expected to behave as if they are working at a 19th Century factory. It’s hard to point the finger at anyone in particular for this  outmoded education and organizational models amongst other things are at fault.

So just how do you change to a performance and results-driven workplace? Here are some suggestions:

– Get rid of the internal ‘head teacher’ who makes everyone feel guilty. This is just old conditioning.

– Set goals which are meaningful and important to your staff and your business.

– Connect with others who have similar goals

– Take downtime when you need it

Just do it. You will be a lot more productive, you will manage your energy better, and there will be much more interesting things to do than check Facebook! When you start achieving meaningful goals on a more regular basis a culture of performance begins to form.

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