Why Do You Need Coaches At Work?

Not everyone needs to be micromanaged to be challenged and motivated—most people might actually perform worse being under that close watch. But, you can’t deny that everyone works better when someone is watching and checking up on him or her. We follow through with the tasks at hand and go the extra mile for perfection and flawless presentation.

Without a coach helping to ultimately guide you, there’s no accountability. A business world could never stand without accountability—it’s too easy to cut corners, miss details, and not do the hard work. Most people want and need a solid work place with structure and guidance for the now and future.

We need coaches at work to be our best. They…

  1. Rally the best and bring up the weak
  2. Know your strengths, weaknesses, and if you have game
  3. Give support and encouragement
  4. Go the extra mile themselves to show you how it’s done
  5. Are the example to watch in the office
  6. Give you a heads up before the buzzer blows

…you know the fundamentals of good supervision.

Others around you will never be able to fulfill this role completely because they are focused on their own personal career. They won’t expect you to win—your coach will expect you to win.

Take advantage of the person cheering for you the most—they are in that position because they’ve been there and want to make sure you can get there one day, too.

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