Inspire Performance

Coaching and managing are two different concepts. That’s why sports teams have a manager and a coach—one’s there to facilitate & inspire performance and the other is there to teach.

You may not want to be both a coach and a manager. But, let me tell you, doing a little coaching up front can save you time and energy when it comes to managing your talent later. Inspiring employees keeps them motivated and excited to achieve more. Here are some ways you can do it.

Passion: Show excitement about your work and interest in what your employees are involved in. Positive, strong emotions toward the company’s goals can incite that same passion in people around you.

Connect: Ask questions or start up conversations with your employees. Showing concern or curiosity about their day-to-day goals and interests goes a long way—and really helps you get to know your company.

Risks: Do something outside your comfort zone, operate outside normal organizational procedures, show some vulnerability. You’re human, too—show it! It will go a long way with your employees.

Tell stories: Paint a picture of the future and how you plan to achieve goals together. Engage employees and inspire them verbally with stories of what you can accomplish together.

Goals: People want work that is challenging. Empower your employees by giving them projects that will make them go outside their comfort zone to achieve.

No go inspire performance. Best of luck!

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