Grab Your Sweatband and Join the Leadership Race

Grab Your Sweatband and Join the Leadership Race

What’s your strategy for winning the leadership race? It’s time to bump the old you out of the race for good.

Let’s talk about how you are going to improve yourself this year, areas you are going to tighten, ways you can create a better team environment and obstacles you can hurdle instead of crash.

Let’s talk strategy.

1. Being the team leader doesn’t mean you run in front of everyone. You’ve got to stay with the pack—sometimes maybe even rounding them up from the back. Make sure everyone works together, no one lags behind and they receive support and encouragement. They will need you when they get leg cramps and have to pull out sweatband number two.

2. Have everyone make a goals list, including yourself, and place them somewhere visible. Putting ambitions front-and-center gives a constant reminder where we want to end up. Write down personal, company and extracurricular goals to keep the competition alive.

3. How you condition your team will give you a clear prediction of the race outcome. The team depends on a strong leader to give direction and training. If the leader lags behind, the strong team members will become frustrated because they feel that they are carrying the team, and the weak members will not be able to develop better the skills they need to finish well. Have set procedures, individual and company goals, and create an enjoyable training environment.

4. What are some issues from last year that can be avoided? Learning how each employee trains best will help in efficiently reaching goals and setting the bar high. Maybe they have weak endurance, low stamina or not enough belief in themselves to take on such a big task. Set those small goals to get them up to speed and avoid falling behind.

Making sure the team stays together and finishes well will make a memorable year and ensure a big “W” for the team. Put on your gear, train hard and be the best you can be. Condition your team to be able to take on new goals, new attitudes and a fresh perspective. And don’t forget your sweatband.

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