Be a Champion

It’s easy to rag on others around us by attributing their success to sheer dumb luck. We excuse our own undersupply of skill and diminish the hard work of those around us. “You see that guy making all those home runs—it’s luck, right?” Maybe, slightly maybe. It also could be that he runs more than you, uses his Louisville slugger more than you and puts in more practice time than you. Get off the bench, start running and be a Champion.

Here are 4 things that all of these “super lucky” people practice:

1. Play up your strengths: So often we want to be good at everything. Face the truth—we weren’t created to be amazing in all areas of life. We are given uniqueness, talents and differing personalities. Play to your strengths—you will accomplish more than you could have ever imagined. As for your weaknesses, that’s why co-workers were invented. Where you fail, they succeed, and where they fall short, you rise above the rest.

2. Prepare in advance: Why are people unlucky? Because they didn’t prepare to be smacked in the head with opportunity. Be ready to catch what’s coming your way, and when you do, you’ll be able to make that touchdown, goal or home run. Don’t be the person in the outfield that’s clueless and pretend that the sun was in your eyes.

3. Begin early: Some people seem to have more hours in a day. It’s time to find ways to be more efficient and productive. Most of the people that surround you are not successful because it was all handed to them. They planted the seeds early on in their career and grew those ideas into profitable growth.

4. Network until the sun goes down: People will be the key to helping you grab hold of opportunity. You never know what big opportunity one small connection can bring into your life. Be a champion of networking. There’s no need to blow up your social media and beg for followers, but building relationships with those around you that are dependable and reputable is golden.

Staying in the game, no matter how tough the other team is, will always come out as a win. Don’t let that screwball throw off your game either. Watch what everyone on the field is doing so you can take your game to the next level and be a champion.



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