Top Challenges With Top Performers and Their Performance Review


Top performers love performance reviews—they thrive on being critiqued by their work ethic, goals, and accomplishments. They know they’ve got it in the bag, and they’ll do anything to advance their career.

These are your team members who don’t like a quick snap shot of a performance evaluation. Ten minutes is not enough to satisfy their need for attention and critique. They want the full package, and they need your time, appreciation, and words of affirmation.

Let’s dive into why your top performers love reviews:


They are competitive: They are striving to be the best in class, and when they’re the best, they’ll be more than motivated to stay on top. Having a spirit of competitiveness is good and drives progressive performance upward, but if they’re not on the top of the scoreboard, they will make sure they get there—no matter who or what is in their way.

They crave recognition: Some employees may not be competitive, but they do seek recognition for their hard work. They’re in a competition against themselves to do and be better than they did yesterday. They’ve “career tunnel vision” and only long to see their personal accomplishments praised by their manager. Perfectionists.

They don’t want to be considered a low performer: Many people can handle not receiving daily recognition, but if they are feeling as though they are considered one of the low performers, they are crushed. They don’t want to be around people who have low commitment, slow working speed, and no motivation. They’re heavy rule followers, and they love having a standard for everyone to rise to—the evaluation is their best friend.

Getting rave reviews only boosts their confidence levels, and having new goals to work on makes them work even harder to stay ahead of their co-workers. Typically high performers will crave an environment that mirrors their personality and career goals. As a manager, you’ll have to be aware that these employees will need extra time and conversations to keep them moving forward—it can be good for both of you.

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