morning staff meeting

Bringing New Life To The Morning Staff Meeting

The best part about a morning staff meeting as an employee? The coffee (unless you happen to be that one employee who is allergic to caffeine).

As a manager, it can often be difficult to keep your employees awake and attentive at an early morning staff meeting, however studies have proven that we are our most creative in the morning. With that being said, let’s focus on 5 ways you can liven up that morning meeting and make productivity the new best part for your employees.

  1. Schedule the meetings for the same time: By allowing your staff meetings to become a habit for your employees, it will eliminate the stress of having their work interrupted. Make your meetings first thing in the morning so your employees won’t have to worry about walking away from their desk in the middle of something important.
  2. Keep it short: Have an agenda when you walk in the room to avoid losing your employees half way through the meeting. Stick to your schedule and try to avoid getting sidetracked. This will make everyone in the meeting more efficient and show that you as a manager respect their time.
  3. Encourage participation: Never step into a meeting room thinking your idea is the only idea. Be open to suggestions and requests from your employees. Encouraging employees to participate in the meetings will also help grow their confidence as they will feel like they are contributing to the company.
  4. Ask questions: The best way to test whether your employees are retaining the information you are giving them is to ask questions and get them talking. Nothing is worse than sitting through an entire meeting without speaking once. Get your employees talking to avoid them spacing out while you present.
  5. Reward accomplishments: Meetings with your team are always a great place to reward and acknowledge accomplishments. As a manager, it is easy to focus on the bad and expect the good from your employees. Make sure you let all members of your team know that you acknowledge their accomplishments and by sharing them with the team it can make it more rewarding for your employees.

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