Attracting Ambitious People to the Organization

Attracting Ambitious People to the Organization


Most organizations consist of diligent employees who care about the activities they accomplish and the outcomes they achieve. However, some of these wonderful people have ambitions that extend far beyond the office’s four walls. These are the highly ambitious people/employees searching for a means to make a difference and an opportunity to shine. Their very vitality infects the teams on which they work, and they can motivate others.

It is astonishing how much an organization’s top talent boosts output. High performers are 400 percent more productive than mediocre performers, according to a recent survey of almost 600,000 scholars, artists, politicians, and athletes.


Great talent is Rare

The term “battle for talent” was invented by Steven Hankin of McKinsey in 1997 and popularized by the 2001 publication of the same title. It refers to the increasingly tough battle to attract and retain employees at a time when there are insufficient people available to replace the retiring baby boomers in advanced nations.

Everything indicates that the talent war will continue. According to Conference Board’s 2016 survey of worldwide CEOs, the top challenge for the organizations would be, “inability to attract and retain top employees”.

Most companies don’t get it correctly

Since corporate executives are aware of the scarcity and value of talent, you may expect them to know how to discover it. Eighty-two percent of businesses do not believe they hire highly qualified and ambitious individuals. 7 percent of companies who have it believe they can maintain it. Alarmingly, only 23 percent of talent-focused managers and senior executives feel their current acquisition and retention strategies will be successful.

You need the right bait once you know where to fish.

Other articles do a great job of showing how to find the ambitious people by focusing on the right pool of talent, but they don’t talk about why you’ll need a carefully planned approach to get their attention. You can’t fish if you don’t have the right bait. You might think that a great salary and benefits package is what you need to get that person to talk to you. But that’s not what happens.

Flashy lures don’t work, and here’s why…

In reality, marketing the perks and benefits in the first place makes ambitious talent more defensive and unsure. You need to do something different with them. You need to make better choices. Be calmer. And most important, earn their confidence and trust. You need to give them the one thing that proves you are a good recruiter…

Credibility from a third party = a secret weapon

The “frustrated” and “fated” people on the spectrum are much easier to recruit because they are already in pain and looking for relief. But to get “ambitious” and “accomplished,” you have to show that moving to your company will give them everything they need to reach their career goals. In particular, WorkCompass has done a lot of research that shows the best ambitious candidates need to know a lot about and feel very confident about the following five parts of your business in order to be interested in an opening:

  1. Management – It’s important to have stories about your executive team and what drives them. Top workers don’t work “for” their employers; they work “with” them. They want the people in charge to agree with them.
  2. The workers – Top performers know that they can’t reach their goals without the help of their teammates. They want to know what the top performers at the company have in common so that they can make sure that their potential co-workers have similar qualities.
  3. Values & Beliefs – There must be a clear description of what motivates the company’s leadership team. Top performers are always thinking about what kind of organization they work for. Even more than feeling connected to the company’s mission, they also need to feel in sync with how the company plans to reach that mission. Respect is critical. Only by working with the best employer do they think they can reach their goal.
  4. The “WOW” factor – People who work hard want to have something to brag about. People won’t join your team if your business model doesn’t have something that many people admire and want. The WOW Factor shows that the business wants to be the best. Ambitious people thinks they are the best, and they want their employer to think the same about them.
  5. Fun Factor – The best passive candidates work very hard. But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to play. They think they deserve to work somewhere that is fun and happy. If they have to spend a third of their day at work. They expect their boss to find ways to make it fun.

Provide URLs to recruiters to attract more passive prospects

If you can demonstrate the 5 elements of your firm listed above, you will be able to hire ambitious and accomplished individuals. The only thing left to do is transform these stories into tools that recruiters can use to attract talent!

It’s not as difficult as you may believe to get the company’s story written and posted online. It is simply a matter of preparing your Employment Branding for delivery. Once your narratives are published online, recruiters can utilize the URLs to advertise your organization on social media. How does this assist?

According to studies, organizations that offer thorough information about employment opportunities once every week receive 40 percent more profile views and 25 percent more applications. Briefly, providing stories about your organization is the most effective technique to get the attention of passive applicants. Even better, if you can get them to follow your firm, they will be more likely to respond to your recruitment push. Here is why…

Seventy percent of your followers are interested in you as an employer.

According to recent LinkedIn data, seventy percent of the professionals who follow your organization are eager in employment chances with you. They are following you in the hopes that you will display all of the information outlined in the previous section so they can assess if you are an employer worth contacting. Furthermore, data indicates that the In Mail response rate for recruiters reaching out to applicants who follow the company is 81%. Therefore, if you can capture the attention of an ambitious talent with your company’s tales, you can utilize those same stories to initiate a conversation with the most desirable candidates. It’s the best technique to reach out to ambitious and accomplished individuals.

Do you want to find the ambitious people/employees? Provide a great deal of digital evidence to demonstrate that you are on par with them.

The ambitious candidates are those who are aware of the characteristics of great employers. They didn’t get to where they are by working for companies that are dysfunctional, which is why they are where they are. They got ahead in their careers by paying attention to details and recognizing the types of employers that would provide them with the best opportunities for achievement. If you want to hire the most talented people, you need to demonstrate that your organization is on the same level as them. The more evidence there is the better. Give them a lot of material (articles and videos) to read and watch online so that they may learn as much as they can about you as an employer. It’s the only way to win their trust and respect, which is necessary if you want them to respond to your efforts to recruit them.

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