Keep Your People Happy

Who doesn’t love happy employees? It’s a rarity that you have the majority of your company in their happy place—but we want it to be the new norm. Check out these top 8 tips for how to keep your people happy at their 9-5.

  1. Find out what motivates them. Your top people are self-motivated. They’ve got the drive, if you’ve got the projects. Find out their knack in the working world and fit it into their job description.
  2. Treat them individually. Or you can say unequally. Give an individualistic approach to your staff—everyone receives and responds differently, and not everyone is on the same playing field. It’s not about playing favorites; it’s about meeting everyone’s different needs.
  3. Let them be involved. People need the bigger picture to help them understand the end result you’re hoping to achieve.
  4. Get rid of the speed bumps. Sometimes you need to delegate your employees’ responsibilities differently to give them the best opportunity at achieving great goals with what they are gifted in.
  5. Lend your ear. Not every employee complains just to do so—most have legitimate concerns about what’s going on day-to-day in their position. Listening and being genuinely concerned will ease the stress of your people.
  6. Be Flexible. People have lives outside of work—meaning they’ve got kids to take care, personal issues, health concerns, and other stress that is called life. Who says they need to be there from 9-5 on the dot? Maybe 8-4 would better fit someone’s schedule. Allow flexibility to seep through a little.
  7. Don’t allow time suck. Meetings… they can derail an entire day. Keep the time of your necessary meetings as minimal as possible. They’ve got enough interruptions.
  8. Create an engaging culture. The majority of our day is spent at work; shouldn’t it be enjoyable? Make an outstanding culture for your company—environment truly enhances the working experience.

Hold tight to these 8 tips to keep your people happy, and you’ll be off on a good start to helping your team be happier, healthier, more satisfied with their job. Every manager wants to see their team enjoy what they are doing and be able to reach their goals, grow, and have opportunity to move forward in their career.

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