leadership characteristics

Maybe you don’t have “Manager” “Director” or “Lead” in your job title, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a leader and make a positive impact in your job. No matter where you are on the job chain, you have the ability to be a leader. To hone your inner leadership skills, harness these 7 leadership characteristics and your team (and boss) will be sure to recognize and appreciate:

1. Make Things Happen

Once you are settled in your job, identify a problem and figure out a way to solve it. Look for something that could be redone or improved to benefit your team.

2. Collaborate With Power Players

Take a look around you. Who are the decision makers? Which coworkers are making a difference and changes in the workplace? Get to know them, collaborate with them on projects, pick their brain, and help them with a problem they’re facing.

3. Be Flexible

To move forward in your career and to be a good leader, you must be flexible and adapt to change easily. A rigid personality will not take you far. Be open minded to other’s ideas, encourage them, and look at your team’s goals as the big picture.

4. Verbalize Praise

One thing to always remember is to be authentic when complimenting a teammate on a job well done. Be selfless in sharing credit and responsibilities.

5. Honesty Wins

If you make a mistake while working on a big project or lack a certain skill, be honest about it. Leaders don’t make excuses… they own their actions. No body is perfect. People make mistakes no matter what your job title is. Own it and you’ll be deemed respected, honest, and humble.

6. Be A Resource

Freely share any information, resources, quick tips, etc. that can help others. This will empower them to do their job and reach their goals. This kind act will also help you build meaningful relationships and be viewed as a team player.

7. Live Your Values

Make your personal values come alive. Honoring your values will make you more productive, keep you accountable, and inspire others. Leadership isn’t about the title… it’s about the inspiring behaviors, actions, habits, characteristics, and beliefs you live each day that impact lives around you.

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