Breaks are important at work

We all know that when we take breaks, we can be way more productive.  Switching over our activities and using different parts of our brains will give energy and a more intentional work ethic. So breaks are important at work, make sure to take them.

If you ask anyone, chances are they would completely agree with this and say that everyone should take their much needed small break for a second wind. But, it’s rare that employees will actually take them.

Why don’t we get up from our desks and break the chains?

Employees are scared to be seen as being lazy, having bad work motivation, or simply lacking in the skills to work every minute of every hour. This type of wrong motivation creates employee burnout and ultimately affects their work performance causing them to underperform even the most simple task. No one wants to let down their employer. They don’t want to be judged or disapproved because they need a mental break, so employees keep on truckin’ at a slower, but constant, rate causing their engine to be overheated and not efficient.

Managers: provide your employees with a room that is separate from their working space. This will show that you are on their side and “chill time” is allowed to help them be better, happier workers. It may seem like a “duh” moment, but tell your employees that it’s okay to take a break, breaks are important at work, even encourage it. Some people need a little more encouragement that it’s okay to put their feet in the water and just relax. This time also can be used to build up a relationship in 5 minutes.

Get to know your workers when you’re not standing over their desk and help them break their chains.



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