6 Steps to Being a Great Mentor
  1. Willingness to help: You’ve had many years in the business, and the only way the next generation will continue the legacy is if someone teaches them. You can’t beat one-on-one training with Internet knowledge. Wisdom goes a long way.
  2. Motivation to develop your mentee: Think about your own career—you are constantly developing and growing. It’s probably because of someone else giving you inspiration, or some healthy competition to be the best you can be. Passing on this motivation is creating a stepping stone for the next generation.
  3. Being consistent: Being available and consistent with your meetings will show solid character and discipline on your side—something all mentees need examples of.
  4. Allow them to verbal process and listen: You’ll learn where your mentee mentally is by listening to their opinions and thoughts on subject matters. Don’t dismiss their processing—you’ll need this to make sure you are providing guidance where it is most needed.
  5. Ask questions to lead them to the right answers: There are a lot of people that verbally spill all their knowledge, but the best lessons are learned when we come to the conclusion on our own. Ask questions that will guide your mentee to the answer instead of telling them.
  6. Give helpful feedback: Giving feedback on how you see their performance, attitude, work ethic, development will be the ending push and motivational send-off until your next meeting.

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