Spotting Your Next Team Leader

Spotting Your Next Team Leader

As a manager, you’re the ring leader—you wrangle the troops, help them hone their skills, teach them new ways to approach situations, and assist them in fully stepping into their full potential you know they have.

Where we get off track is when we decide to stop there.

We’re not only here to develop better employees—we’re here to raise leaders. Being a leader means training others to be great leaders, too.

Here’s 4 ways to elevate your employees to becoming great leaders:

  1. Network day and night: The best way for your employees to learn how to properly network is to take them along with you to events. You’ve got years of experience and people skills that run deep. This is your chance to walk them through situations first hand and coach them through it.
  2. Give your experience: As you’re handing out and delegating duties among the office and helping people understand their role, give them insight into how you handled the position and things you learned when you were in their seat. You don’t have to over share, but show them that you can relate to what they will face. They need a leader who is approachable.
  3. Let them walk on their own two feet: The best way for people to learn is to begin taking steps alone after you’ve shown them how to get started. This isn’t to see them fail or struggle, but to let them gain skill and experience through their own trial and error. Give them their work and see where they run with it!
  4. Give them ownership: When we own something, we value that item or task very much because we control the safety and/or outcome. Giving people ownership could be the extra responsibility and chance to prove that they could be a great leader.

You know you are great leader when you’ve trained your team to lightly rely on you. They are able to figure things out on their own and find ways to improve what you’ve given them to own. Take the extra time to invest in those you see leadership potential in this year—they will be forever grateful for your sacrifices.

Corporate world could use better leadership, right?

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