Recreation Is Performance Motivation

Recreation Is Performance Motivation

Work is not all life is about—there’s so much more to makings of each individual. You probably don’t need another reason or push to enjoy your hobbies—they are what keep happy, motivated, and balanced.

So what do you love doing? Droppin’ beats at a Jazz club, running marathons, attending art and wine classes, acting for local productions? Whatever it is that gives you a creative outlet—keep at it!

According to Maanvi SinghPsychologists from San Francisco State University found that the more people engaged in their hobbies, the more likely they were to come up with creative solutions to problems on the job. And no matter what the hobby was, these people were also more likely to go out of their way to help co-workers.

What a huge step towards better performance within your career. The happier you are outside of the work place, the happier and more productive you will be inside the work place. How do you pull this off:

  1. Give work your attention when you are presently there.
  2. Check emails at work and not at home.
  3. Set aside an hour or more once you’re home to pull out the paint, strike up the band, or roll out the yoga mat.
  4. Involve your family. Odds are, they are a lot like you and enjoy the same activities—see if you can combine your hobbies for a more family balanced atmosphere and enhance quality time.

Indulge in your hobby. And don’t feel bad about it, recreation is performance motivation.

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