Managing Health in the Workplace

Managing Health in the Workplace

Managing performance also means managing health in the workplace for your employees —it falls under the umbrella of a little concept called “risk management.”

Besides that, of course you want your team to be healthy and safe—it improves work environment and even morale. But what’s the best way to go about putting a system in place at work? Here are some key ideas for managing your employees’ health in the office:

Make a Commitment

Put as much energy into your commitment to safety and health as you put into any other important part of your business. Make sure to include workplace safety and health in your business plan and integrate it into all facets of the business. Begin a meeting with a health or safety related topic, commit the resources (time, money, personnel) needed to protect your employees, and find out why or how “unhealthy” practices are happening in the office.

Involve Employees

Let employees have a stake in the success of a health program—because it’s really everyone’s responsibility. Actively encourage employee involvement if you want your program to succeed. Hold people accountable and makes sure everyone does his or her part.

Identify and Control Hazards

Before you can control hazards you need to know what the hazards are. Survey employees, review insurance documents, look for trends across departments, illness, time of day, shift, etc. Then prioritize those issues and develop a plan to address them.

Create a Healthy Culture

Give healthy gifts like pedometers. Map out one-mile routes around your facility and have management team members join employee groups in brisk walks once or twice a day. Conduct meetings while walking. Even if your organization doesn’t have an onsite health facility, provide employees access to a nearby gym (and make sure employees see leadership team members making time to use it).  Offer opportunities like disease prevention classes, lunch and learns, insurance incentives, monthly health reports, etc. so that you are actively promoting your healthy culture.

Healthy employees are happy employees, and that makes happy bosses!

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