How To Make Work Awesome For Apathetic Employees

Sure, there are apathetic employees at any job, going about their business on autopilot. But as a leader in your company, it’s your job to instill motivation in your employees. It starts at the top because, ultimately, leaders are the ones who dictate and create company environment and day-to-day culture.

So, what can you do to help re-energize and engage lackluster employees?

  1. Hold high standards: Form a set of values and stick to them. Make sure employees know why these values are important.
  2. Build Trust: Don’t play games—trust each other and foster an environment of trust. Let people speak their piece and have an opinion without fear of punishment. Trust builds positive relationships, and you don’t have the added expense of investing in systems that monitor employees or spies on them for contractual violations.
  3. Have a positive vision of the future: Having a positive vision for the future creates a sense of direction for the future. Keep employees “in the loop” and communicate your vision well and often.
  4. Recognize excellence: In a learning environment, reinforcement acts a major player in building up morale and changing behavior. Vary reinforcing techniques depending on the individual. This can really enrich the meaning of “work” to your employee.

Although these may seem like common sense to some, it’s another story to actually practice these principles in real time. But you can do it. You are a good leader and can turn apathetic employees into meaningful workers.

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