How To Kick It Off Right With A New Employee

How To Kick It Off Right With A New Employee


There’s a constant flux of people changing careers—more than ever before. It may not be that people are not completely satisfied with their duties or work environment, but they just like constant change—it is the new normal among the younger workforce. There is more freedom and liberty to freelance, change career paths, and easily make great connections from media for new opportunities.

With new people starting weekly at your company, that means a lot of training and preparing for your employees when they arrive.

Here’s how you can be best prepared for those who wander through the door next:

  1. Have their computer and desk ready to go. Odds are, there will be some downtime for your new employees their first week and they will need a place to become settled. It also is great for them to have their email set up so they can begin reaching out to people for assistance, training, and to get to know their coworkers a little bit better.
  2. Give them a great onboarding process. If you know your training is unexciting and not up to par—it’s time to change that. You have no bragging rights on your incredible company with a great culture if your training could use a major facelift. It’s your real first impression for people.
  3. Dish out one-on-one time like free candy. Especially the first week, your new employees have a lot of questions. You need to make yourself available to help them and check on how the process is going in their world. This is a great opportunity to build a solid working relationship to start your careers together.

These things may seem extremely simple, but there’s value in simple, available, and helpful. Don’t let these opportunities slip through your fingers to keep a great employee and help them love where they are at in their career. Going out of your way to make your team feel comfortable and confident in their new job will only strengthen the team and give the business a great reputation.

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