Good Is Good Enough

Good Is Good Enough

You read the title correctly. Finally, Good is good enough!

“Perfection” isn’t always the end goal in the work place, but “refinement” should be our long term ambition.

There’s an expectation that only people who have more than 24 hours in a day can achieve—as for everyone else, we’re stuck going for good because we can’t reach the gold. The task list on the daily is endless and can give a feeling of defeat when not everything has a check beside it. Being refined comes with the responsibility to prioritize what really needs to fleshed out on our list.

Once we figure out the exceptions and what needs more attention, we can easily figure out what needs to be done more efficiently than “good.” That’s where we put the greater half of our energy into. This is where mistakes and errors are left at the door. There is little to no room for error on your huge proposals or company presentations. These opportunities can be overwhelming, but incredibly rewarding for all your great effort and outstanding performance.

When it comes to your daily grind, find out what needs to be taken care of most and how everything else can fit into your schedule.

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