How Performance Reviews Can Help Managers

How Performance Reviews Can Help Managers

A Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index indicated that because employees are not engaged, organizations lose about $300 billion in productivity. Other reports illustrated that while employees want to make progress at work, 95 percent of managers put progress last. This obvious disconnect doesn’t do much to improve employee engagement and it surely doesn’t do much to create a desirable workplace.

While some managers may point their busy schedules as the culprit, it’s critical that leaders invest in their teams so they may positively contribute to the organization. Additionally, just because managers have lots to take care of, it doesn’t mean there isn’t an easy way to coach employees. On the contrary, tools like automated performance reviews can get the job done without dedicating lots of resources. It just has to happen often. Here’s how:

Progress updates: When employees show their progress on a goal, managers can tell them what they are doing right or wrong in real-time, not months later. Automated performance reviews ensure that managers are giving employees the advice and the direction they need as they are making progress on it.

For example: Amy on the financial accounting team is having a hard time completing her goals this quarter because of her work load. Progress updates can show Amy’s manager that things need to be shifted around so Amy isn’t as overwhelmed anymore, allowing her to perform better because she is not struggling.

Show goals accomplished: It can be difficult for managers to track what’s been completed and what needs work. With automated performance reviews, managers can see what goals have been accomplished and what’s still in progress. This not only helps team leaders manage their employees better, it can also show who’s doing their job well, what needs more work, and how to assign goals in the future.

These may be small changes, but they make a huge impact on a company. In this way, you can keep employees engaged, organized, and motivated—with considerably less effort.

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