Change is often resisted… even by those who claim they absolutely love it. If it’s an easy change, of course, we have no problem with it, but if it’s difficult and painful, we scream like a child being chased for bedtime.

We don’t want it.

Leadership is all about change in our company and in our lives. In order to change our circumstances, we have to know ourselves,  and we can’t do that if we think we know everything. We are not instilled with a willingness to give up where we stand on our opinions or ways life, but in order to become a stronger, more knowledgeable leader, we have to give up the fact that we definitely fall short of knowing everything.

If you’re determined to never have any new members or client’s, then definitely don’t change! You might actually get some business to boom! Ok… sorry for the sarcasm, but it’s true.

Be open to a good change in your company and life, and you won’t be disappointed with your growing results.



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