Don’t Dive In Before You’ve Tested The Organizational Waters

Don’t Dive In Before You’ve Tested The Organizational Waters

Companies need to make constant organizational changes—it affects everyone and is always faithful to bring out the curious, supportive, and of course, the scoffers.

Why do we bulldoze through such a big changes? Sometimes we’d rather get it over with than really test it out to see what the potential outcome could look like. We don’t want to take the time to consider all aspects, all people, and all consequences (good or bad) before putting our plan into play.

We’ve really got a bad case of the confirmation bias and believe that our short-term thought process is 100% infallible. So we start to gather all necessary needs and supplies to pull off our new plan—no one can argue with a put-together decision, right?

Our piece of advice today is to test the waters.

When a plan will ultimately affect an entire organization, you want to make sure it works—and works well.

Here’s how you implement: Gather a group together of honest individuals who you know will tell you the truth without a biased opinion. They don’t necessarily need to be super opinionated, but solid people who aren’t afraid to be open, straightforward, and honest with you.

Sometimes our intuition isn’t spot on and the outcome can be completely different than we assumed. You want to be a productive leader, with a purposeful staff, and a forward moving organization.

Don’t let your excitement and plans crash a potentially successful plan. Take the time to invest in the research, and you see more success than if you just ran with your initial thoughts.

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