Coaching On The Fly

Coaching On The Fly

A quick true/false game to start off:

There’s a time, a place and a process for performance reviews? True.

You can’t give coaching or feedback unless it’s scheduled within these timed events? False.

If talent management is to be effective and a process-oriented endeavor, it needs to happen like that. Humans are dynamic; so is life and thus work. Because of this, feedback and coaching have to be dynamic, too—constant in nature and communicated consistently, depending on when the situation calls for it.

Are you prepared, as a manager, to do a little coaching on the fly? Get ready.

Be Proactive: If you see something good, say it. Don’t miss the opportunity to let an employee know they did something well.

Coach For Improvement: Don’t let positive feedback become the norm—or should I say—expected. Coach for improvement in areas that need change. Sometimes this requires a more formal set up, away from others. It’s on the fly, nonetheless; simply pull them aside.

Coaching on the fly saves prep time and, if done immediately, identifies the exact example of a job well done—or not. Work it into your flow and it’ll work for you.

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