To thrive is to succeed, to grow well, to flourish. It’s what we aspire for ourselves and it’s what we want for our family, our organizations, the economy and everything else.

Very few of us believe that our organizations can thrive at the moment, and that is the biggest problem. It’s not the economy, our customers or anything else, it’s our lack of belief. I know what you are thinking… you need a reason to believe, so here is one: there are organizations at the moment that are thriving; so it is possible. If it is possible then why not your organization?

Given that it is achievable, how do you make it happen?

Set BIG, BOLD, BROAD goals. Most managers set the bar way too low. Set high expectations for yourself and everyone around you, and commit to doing whatever it takes to make it happen. If you do that, you will be surprised how things will fall into place.

Talk about the MEANING of these goals. We all want to do something meaningful. This is how you will get everyone behind it. If you have just been using bonuses to drive commitment to initiatives in the past, it will take time to change it but you need to start.

Finally, keep going. That’s it. Best of luck!