Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Employees Ask: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

When it comes to hiring new employees—you would rather do it as little as possible. You would love to see the day where your staff loves where they work, who they work with, and what they personally get to do day-to-day.

We lose employees from our company more often than we would like to admit—and for all different reasons. But we’ve taken the top three we hear time and time again and want to break them down so you can better understand why people leave—and how to get them to stay.

  1. Salary compensation: It would be great if money were not an issue when keeping people on your team—but it’s completely understandable. Families need to be provided for, and you, the manager, need to be aware of your employee’s situations. What are their benefits, and how does their salary compare to your competitors? Keep these questions in mind because your employees are wondering just the same.
  2. Position progression: People love to work for companies that have opportunity for growth and promotion. Keep in mind that they want to know if their job will grow and develop them through their day-to-day tasks, and help them achieve long-term goals they have always dreamed of.
  3. Overall satisfaction: This is the most difficult because it means that everything your employee encounters should make a good impression. As a manager, it’s not up to you to make sure they are constantly happy, but to provide them with the tools and structure so they can customize their experience to their needs. You’re there for extra help and to oversee that they get what they need.

On paper, it seems easy—but in reality, it’s pretty messy. Every employee comes with a different personality, needs, and level of sacrifice for what they want out of a job. There’s no right or wrong, but overall, you’re there to help your team find out what’s most important to them and tie their role into the bigger picture of the company. So, the do have the question of “should I go or not?”.

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