pure grinder

You’ve got the job. It’s new, shiny, and untouched… now what? How do you inspire your new employees? How do you take your new workload and become what we call a “pure grinder?” You get the job done, and you do it better than anyone thought you could.

Let’s think about this.

No one really told you to step up this position to create a new level of creativity and efficiency, but seriously, you should do it. It’s time to step back and look at the bigger picture. Your boss may give you the blueprint, but it’s your duty to build the house and furnish it with leather and marble countertops.

There’s a list of excuses here:

“I’m just so overwhelmed.”
“I’m drowning in my work.”
“This new project already has all my time.”

But, if we really think about it… we probably need to execute our time management better. If you truly love your work, there’s probably 5 small tasks that can be moved around a little big so you can execute this new project with leaps of success. Just take a deep breath, step back, and reorganize.

If you’re able to prioritize what’s important and what will take you further in your career, this passion will seep through your organization and your employees will catch onto this fire you’ve got. It all starts with you grabbing your new job by the horns and controlling the fight by fighting harder. Be the pure grinder.

You’ll be amazed at how your employees will back you if they know you are working just as hard, and hopefully harder than they are.



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