A Good Manager Knows When To Take a Loss

What makes a good manager? Sure, you’re good at what you do, but it’s more than that. It’s how well you play with others… how well you handle being in a position of power… and having the emotional intelligence to recognize pivotal moments that can gain you some real-world respect from your subordinates.

Want to be a great manager? Your style doesn’t matter. You can be the jerk, the nice boss, the loud gal, the meek mouse, whatever.  The secret is the same. Here’s a little insight for all you power hungry people out there:

You have to be able to let a direct report win once in a while when you disagree, even when you know you’re right.

Simple. It starts by being willing to have a conversation with the folks you manage. Not you talking or thinking about what you’re going to say next while they’re talking. Actually listening to what they’re saying.

When you see that they’re really passionate about how they want to handle a situation, let them do it their way once in awhile. Especially if you’ve told them you recommend they do something else.

Why? A funny thing happens when the folks you manage see that you’re OK with them doing something other than what you recommend. They feel more like a peer, which opens up a lot of doors. Most notably, they become more receptive to your feedback when you MUST have them do it your way.

Stop thinking it has to be done your way every time.

Advantage = You.

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