Calling All Team Player And Individual Perspectives

Calling All Team Player And Individual Perspectives

It’s common talk in the cubicles to hear, “It’s an individual’s game. Your career doesn’t depend on a team—it depends on your skills, talents, quotas, goals, and personal performance. It’s every man for himself—to reach the top and make sure no one else bursts through the walls of success.”

Bring on the dirty looks and dropping jaws.

People think this way? “No!” You say. Truth is, you’ve got these people on your team right now performing with this mindset… but you already knew that. So, let’s talk about your good and bad team players and how you can make everyone join the circle of success together. In this blog, we will be focusing only on the true team player.

The true team player: These individuals are hard workers, hoping to perform their best so the team can benefit from their goals. They are caring about the progress overall and they don’t give up when bumps in the road occur. Positive influence and dreamers at large.

Why you need these people:

  1. They round up the troops.
  2. They have true excitement about pulling off new plans.
  3. They enjoy hearing other’s creations and additions.
  4. They are idea machines.
  5. They are the strong foundation holding the team together.
  6. Push others beyond their limits to reach new goals.

There’s value in an employee who is tolerant, less controlling, and considerate. True team players are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the team together and get make the bottom line attractive.

In part 2, we’ll tackle, not literally, the individual player and how these two personalities work together and need each other. 

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