employer branding

Employer branding is more than a buzz phrase—it’s necessary for your organization’s growth.

An employer brand is the perception of an organization to job seekers and to your employees. If you’re a manager on social media, which you should be, then you’re probably familiar with the best platforms for your organization and know when are the best times to post, along with some tools you can use to ramp your activity. These mechanics are vital for success in employer branding.

You’re charged with promoting your company in a way that targets the people you want to join your awesome team. Those people are probably heavy users of some social media platform. It can help you acquire more talent too through a combined effort of HR, marketing, and talent acquisition departments. Yes, social media is most effective medium to enhance your company’s brand, according to studies.

Here are three reasons you need to be involved in employer branding TODAY.


That’s right slowpoke. Your competitors are engaged in social recruiting on social media and having conversations with customers as you read this blog. Get active now! Employer branding provides you a platform to show off your employer value proposition. Every company is different. Take advantage of what makes your organization special and show it off.


Before a candidate even looks at your job openings, they’re looking you up. Let your message be transparent about your organization to potential hires. It’s said ad nausea but get active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Show job seekers that your organization and being on your team is where they need to ply their skills.


Use employer branding to get your team engaged your office’s culture. Unfortunately only 41% of employees know what their company stands for, according to Gallup. You should always keep your team in mind with any branding to job seekers. Your employees are your brand’s advocates–they’ll show the behaviors, values and personality of your organization. Think about using an original hashtag for your organization and share work-related content by your employees.

Employer branding is a must-do activity to foster growth for your organization. It is also effective for building a strong company culture. Use these three reasons as your launch point to start branding your organization now.


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