When the Culture Change… Doesn’t Change

When the Culture Change… Doesn’t Change

Doomed to fail?

If this is the final verdict on a culture change… why are you going through the trouble? Obviously, you can’t gain if you don’t change. Business is changing faster than some of us can keep up with, but in order to improve our profits, performance management, and overall success—change MUST happen.

Let’s talk about why our wanted change crumbles:

  1. The Neutralist: Most employers would rather have a “yes” or “no” than someone who totally disregards the change trying to be made.
  2. The Resister: Your workers will tend to resist if decisions are made without any information being conveyed to them. The trust isn’t built properly when there are constant surprises that seem to be illogical.
  3. The Skeptic: You won’t get any type of buy-in from someone who doesn’t believe in what you are doing.

Let’s solve, not diffuse, their concerns.


People need information—not a five-minute meeting right before demolition comes crashing in. Your employees are worried about what will personally happen to them. “What do I get out of it, or what will I have to contribute?”  They may be concerned about how much they already are giving, and this could potentially affect their overall performance.

It’s up to you, the manager, to inform and reassure that this is for their betterment. You will need 100% participation to make new changes in the company. Bringing in a solid culture change helps turn the page in the right direction with careful consideration and a creative touch.

Be flexible with your team and be willing to go the extra mile when dealing with your team’s concerns and questions. Be the manager who employee’s trust—genuinely addressing their concerns will help them approach the changes with an open mind.

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