Give Your Company Culture Shock

Top 4 Toxic Company Culture Killers


No work place is perfect. We all know that—and have experienced it. When dealing with people at any time, you’ll face different personalities, social situations, difference of opinions, ethical issues, and a variable of approaches to accomplishing jobs. We want to go over the top 5 culture killers that you never want in your business or around your people. Here are your top 4 toxic company culture killers to avoid:

  1. The unimpressed boss. You can’t catch a break from your boss who cringes at your best efforts, has no trust, constantly checks on the smallest details, and doesn’t show excitement over any personal success you’ve worked hard for. You find yourself going through the motions because you’ve lost sight of your niche and your passion is slowly fizzling out.
  2. The poisonous co-worker. You find yourself constantly running into this person… or sitting next to them. They’ve got nothing nice to say about the company, the people, or the work. You feel a bit of insanity coming on because they are killing your good vibes and passion for what you’re doing.
  3. The daily burnout. You’ve run into a new standard at your company and everything seems to be going strong with the brand new client or project—until the high intensity and drive doesn’t die down to a normal rate.You’ve got a bad case of the burnout and the fire is doing major damage to your daily mental and physical health.
  4. The ethical debate. You wouldn’t believe it, or maybe you would, that ethical issues arise all the time in the corporate world. Add a number here; move that money there… people cheat to get what they want because the feeling of entitlement takes over the conviction of truth and honesty. People will do whatever they want to see the results they desire on paper.

These 4 major factors will drive away employees faster than you can onboard new ones. You never want to have these situations arise in your company—most people want to work for a pleasant, hard-working, honest company. It’s up to you and your team to create the best working environment for your employees who believe in your and in the cause. Avoid these 4 culture killers and you’ll be in great shape for a happy and healthy work place!


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