Successful Employee Goal-Setting Starts at the Top

“It makes sense for goal-setting to be a top-down exercise that begins with organization strategy. The organization exists to achieve a number of goals / outcomes so everyone in it should be linked to same. Team and individual goals should serve that strategy.”

When the system works perfectly there is a cascading of linked and aligned goals from the top of the organization to the bottom. The strategic goal of the organization sits at the top, while each of the operating units or departments have goals that directly support the strategic objective.

Within the operating units or departments, teams and individuals are assigned goals that directly support the goals of their units. The real power of these cascading goals is their alignment with the highest purposes of the organization.

Every team member and manager should understand his or her goals, how assigned activities advance the goals of the team, and how the team’s activities contribute to the strategic objective of the organization. The result is that everyone’s energy is focused on the things that matter most.

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