Recovering From Workplace Mishaps

Recovering From Workplace Mishaps

No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or how many career changes you’ve had… there will come a time when you will dig yourself into a hole and you’ll be looking up at the people you’ve disappointed.

But good news… you’ll live!

Bad decisions happen—most can be avoided by wisdom and years experience, but sometimes you look back and can’t help but say, “What was I thinking?” Thankfully, most choices that go wrong have a quick recovery and won’t wipe out the company.

Let’s talk about how we can get back on our feet from workplace mishaps:


  1. Take responsibility. You may have not been the only culprit involved, but you should still accept the blame instead of pointing fingers. It’s okay to examine what went wrong and how you can avoid it. Ultimately, this should only be to help you properly deal with the downfall. Apologize, own it, and be willing to learn from the advice and consequences.
  2. Always carry learned lessons with you. When we mess up, all we want is to forget what we did… it can consume our thoughts, actions, and work day. You have to take it as a teaching moment to make you a better leader, coworker, and employee. Pulling out your wisdom and experiences can only propel you forward and make you stronger.
  3. Don’t give up. It’s difficult to tread on thin ice after you’ve broken earned trust. If you walk too fast, you’ll slip and fall… walk too slow, and people think you can’t handle the pressure. This is your time to bounce back and show them that your weaknesses are being positively used. Their sour outlook on you will soon be a faint memory.

TLNT states, “The only people who make no bad decisions are those who make no decisions at all.”

Perfectly stated! No one wants to stay in the same position and never reach new goals, careers, or respect. Being proactive to try your best will truly lead to the best version of you—taking a few falls can bring heaps of wisdom and knowledge you might have never personally experienced. Continue with your decisions by using your wisdom and knowledge gained from your personal downfalls.

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