Office Avengers: Build Your Hero Team

Office Avengers: Build Your Hero Team

Have you ever been tasked with the responsibility of assembling a team? No, not like the avengers where its all super heroes and someone can solve a world crisis in the blink of an eye. More like bringing the right employees together to work side-by-side and pull off a huge project.

Anyone can throw a random group of people together for an easy project to be completed, but how does one craft a team that will create a superb end result?
Here lies a huge problem managers run in to: PICKING the right people! We have to recognize the many diverse personalities we may encounter when forming a team.

Here are a couple examples of personalities you will need to know so you can build your team:

1. The Go Getter: This is the person who is trying to risk it for the ultimate prize. They will take a chance on anything and do what needs to be done. This employee will jump through whatever hoops are presented, and jump over people for the spotlight. They usually are very outgoing and will chat it up with anyone to build their reputation.

2. The Fly on the Wall: They come in and out without a sound, but tend to have outstanding work. Holding the team together and easily staying focused is a great strength they add to the team.

3. The Rebel: The challenger and questionnaire of all ideas and opinions. Keeping this personality on track will be a task, but their creative ideas could be the fuel you need to start the engine.

4. The middle man: Ahh the equalizer. This person is good to have on every team because they bring a sense of diversity along with them. They can be very relaxed, but when the time calls, very intense! They also can be used as a mediator for the other team members since they understand both sides.

Just a few tips to keep in mind next time you are trying to assemble your team for a new project… or to stop the massive alien invasion.

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