Managing Teams Obligations and Opportunities

Managing Teams Obligations and Opportunities

It’s time to be excited for the opportunity you have to teach, innovate, build responsibility, grow, and connect with your team.

You’ve got your obligations and opportunities, but how do these two compare, and how do you effectively use them?

Obligations are those day-to-day tasks. When hearing “obligation,” you tend to cringe and think of a requirement to do certain tasks; there’s no need for you to have a negative context wrapped around that word. It’s what you do to help your team get the job done right, succeed at their duties, and build the foundation of the company that keeps business flowing. Below is a list of manager obligations that will help you get a better picture:

  • Carry out company’s mission
  • Resolve employee concerns
  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Assign work projects and tasks
  • Monitor employee and organization’s progress

Opportunities present themselves unexpectedly among the individuals on your team. There may be untapped potential and useful skills that your employees could bring to the table. As a manager, keep an eye out for ways to use these potentials skills on your team—not only could your employees bring fresh ideas, but recognizing and using their talents could open doors for trust, enhance company culture, and increase employee engagement. You never know who will surprise you with future managerial/leadership skills, either. Here’s a list of opportunities to put on your list:

  • Nurture potential skills and talent
  • Build and shape your team’s goals
  • Create and provide an outstanding company culture
  • Use the diverse skills each team member
  • Motivate employees
  • Cross training employees for future positions

Fulfilling certain obligations gives your team members the structure they need, but giving them opportunities opens new avenues for career and personal growth.

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