Keeping With The Times: When Slow Hinders Production

Keeping With The Times: When Slow Hinders Production

Within a few months, the newest technology is already outdated and almost unsellable in today’s fast evolving industries. Everything moves and advances at such an increased speed—you blink for a moment and you’re already old news.

Ten years ago, you could not accomplish the same tasks that a computer could on your phone… it wasn’t even a future thought! And now, we’ve made the transition seamless between devices. You can connect, transfer, and create on all devices.

Fast is dominating our thinking—which affects our application, work ethic, and total outcome.

As a manager, you deal with employees who work at all different speed rates—some slow and steady, others fast and innovative. It’s no longer outstanding when a employees work fast—it’s a standard.

When it comes to your business, being a slow worker doesn’t work anymore, slow hinders production. To have a future with your business, you need to be ahead of your industry with technology, strategy, and products.

As fast as products are evolving, so should your people. This is where your motivation, engagement, and coaching come together. They need someone to set the bar for them and exemplify what is expected. Give your team snapshots of overall business goals, team goals, and their own personal goals.

Side note: Create a culture that incorporates speed and velocity all throughout. It’s easy to have isolated areas of a fast-pace environment, but the team can only move as fast as the man with the last baton.

It’s time for a team meeting to set up goals and inform them of new ones coming. Come through for your team, and they’ll come through for you.

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