How to write a goal

How to Write a Goal?
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When creating goals you should consider three main parts:

The Beginning

Start with an active verb, an action word that implies doing something either now or in the future. For example: devise, introduce, develop, implement, reduce and produce.

The Middle

This is the place for ‘the what’: exactly what it is you want to deliver, develop, produce… and so on. It should be written in a way that everyone understands.

The End

Here you set out a specific measure and a date by which the goal will be achieved.

Three common mistakes you should avoid

1. Many companies fail to create performance metrics.
2. They fail to align rewards (monetary and others) with organization, team and individual goals.
3. The achievement bar is set too low. An appropriately challenging goal is one that the staff member believes they have a slightly better than 50 /50 chance of achieving.

We hope that this brief guide helps you in the future when setting goals for you company. If you would like to download the full ebook for free click HERE.

What else does the ebook cover?

• Minimise emotion at a meeting so it can be a constructive conversation about how to improve
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