Performance appraisals Focus On The Process, Not The Person

Focus On The Process, Not The Person

Performance appraisals can easily turn into a big mess of a situation if you don’t go about it the correct way (which could easily be avoided by using the proper performance management software — just saying).

For example, sometimes managers make the mistake of focusing on the person, and provide “personal” commentary of what should be performance-oriented feedback.

It’s a fine line, this is true, but commenting on personal “traits” like knowledge (versus technical knowledge) or behaviors (versus attendance) is not what they are there for.

While personal characteristics may contribute to performance, they are not measures of actual output.

Most managers can accept that the goal of the performance review is to recognize results, provide feedback to address weaknesses, determine training needs, and identify poor performers, they rarely ever measure their processes’ contribution to attaining any of these goals. Instead, the most common measure relating to performance appraisal is the percentage completed… hmm.

I know, it’s deep.

Performance evaluations don’t have to be a waste of time for the employee or the manager giving it. By putting your focus on the process (not the person!) and what you can most efficiently achieve from it, your company will always be improving!

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