How Far is Too Far When It Comes To Monitoring Your Employees?

To what lengths should you go to monitoring your employees online activity?

While you don’t want employees wasting work time clicking through an online album of their best friend’s weekend at the nearby winery, how far is too far in monitoring the extent of their online activity throughout the day?

Statistics show that, sure, workers are going to spend some of their on-the-clock time checking personal email, flipping through social channels, or even browsing other jobs! But, with all the activity-monitoring spyware that employers often use to regulate what workers are doing, is this hurting or helping the company on a larger scale?

One opinion? Treat employees like adults and most of them will act like adults… give respect and it will be given. Treat employees like children and that’s what you’ll get, as well.

A second opinion? Why risk employees wasting time and money surfing the Internet at work? Do what you have to do to ensure that doesn’t happen, even if it means putting on the handcuffs (figuratively speaking).

In today’s time, it’s hard to make that call—especially when online activity and social sites are the bulk of some companies’ marketing and connectivity. One thing is for sure, though—it really depends on the situation. Do your employees check work email at home? Do they blur the lines between work and home life? If this is the situation, you may want to consider letting off the reigns a bit.

Just a small thought: A little trust goes a long way, and empowers your employees to make their own decisions at work. This could fuel their professional autonomy and ensure their continued engagement in their job, as well.

What’s best for your situation? Good luck!

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